Parents for Choice

Giving parents a voice on issues around choice in pregnancy and childbirth.

Campaigning and lobbying for improvements and law reform.

Raising awareness of the impact that Ireland’s laws have on choice in pregnancy and childbirth.

Watch our presentation to the Citizens’ Assembly.

Latest posts and press releases from the blog.

March May 7th, 2pm. We Own Our Hospitals!

On April 22nd, Parents for Choice in Pregnancy and Childbirth organised nationwide protests in reaction to the announcement four days previously that the religious order the Sisters of Charity was to be given sole ownership of the new maternity hospital being built as...

20 Things You May Not Know About Choice in Ireland Today

Compiled by members of the Parents for Choice Facebook Group, and co-ordinated by Sharon Leavy. 1. Currently under the constitution, the life of a woman or pregnant person in Ireland is considered equal to, or in some cases lesser than, a zygote. 2. If a young girl...

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