Parents for Choice in Pregnancy and Childbirth

Giving parents a voice on issues around choice in pregnancy and childbirth.


Campaigning and lobbying for improvements and law reform.


Raising awareness of the impact that Ireland’s laws have on choice in pregnancy and childbirth.

What We Want:


  • To campaign, as parents, for choice in pregnancy and childbirth in Ireland
  • To highlight the support of parents across Ireland for the repeal of the 8th amendment
  • To raise awareness about the far-reaching negative impact of the 8th amendment, the Protection of Life during Pregnancy Act and other such laws on health care, maternity care and abortion access in Ireland.
  • To highlight the chilling effects of Ireland’s draconian abortion laws on pregnant people and families in Ireland and to campaign for access to free, safe and legal abortion.
  • To provide accessible activism opportunities for parents with limited time and childcare constraints.

What We Value:


  • Choice: A woman should have the right to choose in all aspects of pregnancy and childbirth. This includes the right to choose an abortion. To this end, we fully endorse and campaign for the removal of Article 40.3.3 from the Irish Constitution (the eighth amendment), and the subsequent decriminalisation of abortion in Ireland.
  • Consent: Every person in Ireland should have the right to informed consent in their maternity care. They should have the right to have any proposed intervention in pregnancy and childbirth explained in a clear and accurate manner, and be given the opportunity to refuse any intervention that they do not wish to undergo. We fully support and campaign for the reform of the HSE Consent Policy, in which pregnant women are interpreted as having less bodily autonomy than every other person in the Irish health services, due to the 8th amendment.
  • Equal Opportunities in relation to Parenting: Everyone in Ireland deserves the opportunity to parent, if and when they feel it is appropriate for them. Coerced parenthood devalues the importance of the role of the parent in our society. Parenthood should be a matter of choice, and not something any person should be forced into. Many people cannot afford to travel for an abortion, or do not have permission to leave Ireland due to their migrant status.

Women make good decisions and should be trusted to continue that process during pregnancy, and should they continue the pregnancy, their birth.

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