Parents for Choice in Pregnancy and Childbirth

Giving parents a voice on issues around choice in pregnancy and childbirth.


Campaigning and lobbying for improvements and law reform.


Raising awareness of the impact that Ireland’s laws have on choice in pregnancy and childbirth.

What We Want:

Free, safe, legal, and accessible abortion for everyone who needs it, and evidence-based care during pregnancy and birth that is focused on the needs and wishes of the pregnant woman or person.


How We Help to Make It Happen

  • We campaign for free, safe, legal abortion. We should have the right to choose what happens to our bodies in all aspects of pregnancy and childbirth. This includes the right to free, safe, legal abortion. To this end, we campaign for repeal of the 8th amendment in Ireland, and a revised legislative framework to ensure access to free, safe, and legal abortion in Ireland and Northern Ireland.
  • We campaign for bodily autonomy in pregnancy and childbirth. Every person in Ireland should have the right to informed consent and refusal in their maternity care. They should have the right to have any proposed intervention in pregnancy and childbirth explained in a clear and accurate manner, and be given the opportunity to refuse any intervention that they do not wish to undergo. We fully support and campaign for the reform of the HSE Consent Policy, in which pregnant women are interpreted as having less bodily autonomy than every other “adult with capacity” in the Irish health services.

What We Value:

  • Equality of parenthood. We believe that those who want to become parents should be supported in this choice. People who want to remain pregnant should not be prevented from doing so because they cannot afford it. To this end we stand against austerity measures that impact on families in poverty or at risk of poverty, and for the full financial, social, and community support of families at risk of poverty or in poverty, in particular parents raising their children alone. We believe contraception should be free, so that those who cannot afford it can access it.
  • Parent-friendliness. We provide a space for parents to be involved in activism by working online, holding child-friendly meetings, and using child-friendly venues. We advocate for other events to consider the needs of parents and children, to ensure we can access them.
  • Inclusivity. We seek to ensure that we are inclusive of people living with disadvantage or marginalisation. This includes transgender and migrant parents. We will not tolerate language or behaviour that further marginalises parents with these experiences in our spaces.
  • Respect. When we are acting in our capacity as Parents for Choice, in all our interpersonal, media, and social media engagements we are respectful, regardless of whether we agree with the viewpoints of those we are communicating with, whether they are in Parents for Choice or outside of the group.
  • Honesty. We communicate honestly about abortion and bodily autonomy in pregnancy and childbirth both within our group, and when communicating with the media or public. The problems we identify and solutions we suggest always have a basis in evidence, either identified in literature or through the experiences of our members.

Women make good decisions and should be trusted to continue that process during pregnancy, and should they continue the pregnancy, their birth.