Doctors for Choice: When Pregnancy Becomes a Threat to a Pregnant Person’s Health

It can be difficult in practice to make a distinction between abortions that are necessary to preserve a woman’s life, which are allowed under the Protection of Life during Pregnancy Act, and those that are necessary to preserve her health. It is also better medical practice to intervene when a significant health risk becomes evident than to wait until the situation has deteriorated considerably.

March May 7th, 2pm. We Own Our Hospitals!

On April 22nd, Parents for Choice in Pregnancy and Childbirth organised nationwide protests in reaction to the announcement four days previously that the religious order the Sisters of Charity was to be given sole ownership of the new maternity hospital being built as...

National March on 7th May

  Press Release from: Parents For Choice For immediate release: 28/04/17 For media enquiries contact Images available upon request ____________________________________________________________ START “We Own Our Hospitals”: Parents...

Citizens’ Assembly Recommendations Sunday 23rd April

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Nationwide Protests Saturday 22nd April 2017

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Parents (of children with Down Syndrome) for Choice

Parents of children with Down Syndrome who support repeal of the 8th amendment talk about the realities of their lives and their feelings about the exploitation of their children by those who oppose abortion in all circumstances. We also explore the facts and figures behind incidences of Down Syndrome in Ireland, Iceland and the UK.

The Lady IS for Turning

By Hazel Larkin I’m not entirely sure when I ‘turned’. I had a very typical rural Irish upbringing: Mass on a Sunday, religious orders in the single-sex schools we attended, and only RTÉ one and two on the tellybox. Critical thinking, certainly in our home, meant...

Pregnancy loss, abortion and notions of life

Midwives and nurses make suggestions either that it’s best to have another one quickly, or it’s best to leave it a while before trying again. ‘Another one’, ‘trying again’ as if pregnancies and babies are interchangeable, replaceable. When is the emotionally correct time to reset a uterus for conception?

It’s Time

The shame of our nation
Attached to each termination
Yet some old man can dictate
Maser’s ‘Repeal’ mural’s fate?!
This smacks of misogyny
It screams right out loud to me
That women don’t matter
The Constitution can batter
Their rights every day

The 8th and loss

Following some blunt conversations with maternity health professionals we knew that our little baby’s life was due to end in a matter of days, and there was damn all I could do about it. And here’s the truth of it – I wanted to put my big baby’s life first. I am her mother, she is here, she is alive and she is my priority. But my body, my heart and my brain were being torn apart by the conflict of where to focus my energies. I had no choice in this conflict. All I could do was wait.

What about the babies?

My baby will always be my baby, even when she is having babies of her own. I want that time to be as happy and as healthy as possible for her, but I also want her to be safe. I want her to have the same healthcare options in pregnancy and childbirth that women in most other European countries have. I want her human rights to be upheld and I want her to be in charge of her body.

The Sadness of Irish Women (or how to talk to your kids about abortion)

They tell me whispered stories. They tell me of their loneliness, the fear they felt, of having to wait until they had enough money before they could travel, of not speaking the language and not understanding what to do. These are not stories of regret, they are stories of sadness, that the country they live in forced them at their darkest hour to travel abroad or to break the law. That is the reality of the current laws: a generation of traumatised women.

Why I will not be a forced incubator for Ireland’s babies

I am a grown woman of sound mind, I’m pretty darn sure I know what is best for my life, for my body and for my existing children. Yet under Irish law I am not allowed to make this decision for myself. And I am being asked to assume all the risks, all the costs and all the pain.


Language matters.  The words we choose to communicate our messages are indicative of our position and our intent. They indicate how we feel - about ourselves, the situation we find ourselves in, and the people with whom we are conversing. This is relevant in the realm...

Parents By Choice

As parents for choice in pregnancy and childbirth (and beyond, to be honest), we feel that people should be allowed to choose whether or not they become parents. Here is where the 8th Amendment rears its ugly head again and reminds us that the law is completely...

Choice Begins At Home

It started with her hair. My daughter, who turned fourteen yesterday, was born ten weeks early - in India - and she wasn't expected to live. She was so unwell and working so hard at staying alive that her hair would not grow; all the 'hair-growing energy' was going in...

Parents and Choice

The bottom line is that parenthood is a responsibility. It means raising a human being. It means putting that human being before yourself. Asking someone who is unwilling or unprepared to do so is not what is best for anyone.

Human Rights in Childbirth

The rhetoric around birth in Ireland is that if mother and baby are alive at the end of the process, it was a good birth. Women who wish to process their negative experiences, women who want to talk about their birth traumas, women who need to have their suffering – psychological and physical – in the arena of pregnancy and childbirth validated and borne witness to, are silenced. They are scorned, they are patronised. They are also, on occasion, vilified for speaking out about the damage they suffered.

Parents for Choice #40DaysForChoice campaign

Pledge a Picketer! A Dublin family planning clinic is the target of anti-choice protests as part of the international ’40 Days for Life’ campaign. This campaign is run by a US group which pickets Planned Parenthood clinics and now has widened the net to include...

Consent in the context of the 8th Amendment

There can be no mistaking what this says. If the health or life of the foetus is deemed to be at risk, legal advice should be sought, and this is as a direct result of the 8th amendment – as quoted by the Department of Health in the Maternity Strategy. This is happening in Irish maternity hospitals.

After the 8th – For our Daughters and Ourselves

After the 8th – However, repealing the 8th is more than for our daughters. Its for ourselves. It’s for every person with a uterus in Ireland of childbearing age. It’s for every woman who thought she would never have an abortion, until she needed one. Life’s like that. We just don’t know what it has in store for us.

Body of Evidence

By Hazel Katherine Larkin. Make no mistake, this is gendered abuse in the same way as being sexually violated on an almost nightly basis was gendered abuse. The damage that the Eighth Amendment does to women is just as awful, just as gruesome, just as real. The message is the same – you, as a woman in Ireland, do not own your body. You never will.

No regret, just love

I was secure in knowing I was no longer trying to take my own life. We had just come out of this storm. I couldn’t go back there. I wouldn’t. I didn’t.

Why I’m Pro Choice

By Aisling. I’m pro choice because pregnancy and parenthood shouldn’t be a punishment. I was pro-choice before becoming a mother. I’m more pro-choice as a parent because it’s hard. Parenthood has challenged me in ways I couldn’t have imagined. Nobody should be forced to do any of these things against their will.

My Pregnancy, My Choice

By Jenna. You cannot try to limit someone’s right to make a choice that you had the luxury of making, nor prevent them from making a choice because it was withheld from you. Every woman should be able to decide that for her, the suffering is not worth it or is too dangerous or simply impossible.

The 8th Amendment and Maternity Care

Beyond the issue of abortion, the 8th amendment also has a huge impact on the care that pregnant women receive in Irish maternity services. This is the hidden impact of the 8th amendment

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