5 Simple Things YOU Can Do

1. Educate Yourself

Or let us help you! Follow our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and blog where we’ll post regular up to date content about the current situation in relation to choice in pregnancy and childbirth in Ireland. Want to know what the 8th Amendment is? Want to know how it impacts on pregnant people? And on families? Then keep up to date as we work hard to keep you informed.

2. Share Your Ideas

Join our Facebook Group (coming soon) and follow our Facebook Page to discuss important topics with like minded parents who support pregnant people’s right to bodily autonomy and integrity in pregnancy and childbirth.

3. March With Us

We believe that WE as parents will play a crucial role in making sure the cruel and inhumane 8th amendment is overturned. We’re going to make sure we’re LOUD and PROUD at the March for Choice on Saturday the 26th of September. Join the Facebook event here. We’ll keep you informed of upcoming pro-choice rallies and events where you can make your voices heard.

4. Tell Your TD

With the general election around the corner, it’s absolutely crucial that we let our local representatives and candidates know that as parents, our vote is dependent on their stance on the 8th amendment. Send an email, or drop into your local TD’s clinic and ask them if they support a repeal of the 8th amendment.

5. Tell Your Mammy

Or your granny, or your uncle, or your sister! One of the most important things that you can do is let the people close to you know that you are pro-choice, and why. If you need to practice these conversations and clarify your thoughts, come chat to us on Facebook or our blog.

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