Illustration by Róisín Blade/ Words by Hazel Katherine Larkin

One old white man said ‘No!
‘Sorry(notsorry) it’s just gotta go.
‘It offends my sense of what is right
‘Painted right there, in broad daylight
‘That mural, calling to repeal the eighth?
‘Yeah, sorry(notsorry) it just isn’t great.’

His rights? Are you joking?
On his privilege I’m choking
That a man – with no womb –
Can say there’s no room
For Art supporting
Ireland not deporting
Women’s pain overseas
Gi’z a break – wouldja, please?!

The shame of our nation
Attached to each termination
Yet some old man can dictate
Maser’s ‘Repeal’ mural’s fate?!
This smacks of misogyny
It screams right out loud to me
That women don’t matter
The Constitution can batter
Their rights every day
An old man gets to say
Our rejection of oppression
Is some kind of transgression
When gracing a wall
That’s visible to all
Art that calls for repeal
Is called out to reveal
That our bureaucracy
Is so full of hypocrisy
It makes our bile rise
Showing how you despise
Women’s right to decide
What happens inside
The bodies THEY own
The bodies THEY OWN

Your red tape keeps our wombs tightly bound
The effect on our lives is profound
You deny us our choices
And stifle our voices
By citing the Eighth
Declaring your faith
Singing your one-note song
Screaming that we are wrong
But our convictions are deep and strong
And we’re hopeful it won’t be long
Till a referendum here will reveal
That the majority wants a repeal
In order for equality’s advance
Irrespective of what’s in your pants.