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Pledge a Picketer!

A Dublin family planning clinic is the target of anti-choice protests as part of the international ’40 Days for Life’ campaign. This campaign is run by a US group which pickets Planned Parenthood clinics and now has widened the net to include clinics in other jurisdictions.

Women attending the Reproductive Choices clinic in Dublin 7, for family planning services including contraception services and information on accessing abortion in the UK, will now have to pass a picket of anti-choice protestors as they go about their personal business.

Women who need an abortion in Ireland are already placed under a great burden, financially and emotionally as they are forced to travel to another country to access the healthcare which their own country has failed to provide. Protests such as those outside Reproductive Choices only serve to intimidate, traumatise and shame women who are using this valuable service for whatever reason.

To show our support and solidarity to the women who must pass this picket to receive information which they are legally entitled to, we are running a counter campaign, #40DaysforChoice. In the next 40 days, we will pledge a donation to Abortion Support Network every time we become aware that a family planning clinic is being picketed. So, the more often these protests occur, the more financial assistance will be available for women who need to travel, but cannot afford it. We invite our supporters to donate if you can, share the donation page and information about the initiative with the hashtag #40DaysForChoice. A very simple way of showing support if you aren’t able to donate is to send a message of support to the hashtag #40DaysForChoice, which we will share with the clinic staff.

Together, we will show that we support the women who use the clinic, and appreciate the staff who provide such a great service. We will not tolerate this intimidation and intrusion into women’s personal lives.

To donate, please go to the following link: https://www.justgiving.com/40DaysForChoice

Abortion Support Network is a registered charity giving financial support to those who need to travel to the UK for an abortion, looking after our citizens who have been failed by the State.