For immediate release, 03/03/17
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Parents for Choice is one of a number of groups who will address the Citizens’ Assembly on Sunday the 5th March 2017. Parents for Choice seek to raise awareness of the negative impact of the 8th amendment on families and parents, and look forward to highlighting our unique perspective in this debate, and sharing our concerns with the people of Ireland.

“We know that parenting is one of the toughest jobs in the world, and we think that every parent should be a willing parent, and every child a wanted child,” says Marianne Farrelly, Parents for Choice spokesperson. “54% of people who have abortions already have children, and the lack of access to abortion services in Ireland disproportionately affects us as parents, and our families.”

Farrelly continues: “The 8th amendment affects us when we want to continue pregnancies too. Those who do choose to continue a pregnancy and grow their family deserve to be cared for with the utmost respect, granted the right to full, informed consent, and given the opportunity to refuse any unwanted intervention. The Eighth Amendment denies us this, and impacts on our autonomy and our choices in maternity care.”

“As parents, we have been through the Irish maternity system. Some of us have had abortions. Others may never consider abortion for ourselves, yet feel strongly about the right to choose when to become a parent – not least for our own children as they grow up. Our members have had miscarriages, fatal foetal diagnoses, and all manner of pregnancies and births in the Irish maternity system.”

Parents for Choice campaign for free, safe, and legal abortion, and full bodily autonomy for all people in Ireland. A repeal of the Eighth Amendment and a reform of the HSE National Consent Policy is core to this.

“We are proud to stand with the other pro-choice groups represented at the Citizens’ Assembly to be a voice for women’s rights in Ireland. We also stand with the groups that were not called, notably Termination For Medical Reasons, the Abortion Rights Campaign, AIMS, and Midwives for Choice,” says Farrelly on behalf of Parents for Choice.