Press Release from: Parents For Choice

For immediate release: 29/05/17

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Parents for Choice in Pregnancy and Childbirth commend the agreement that sees the Sisters of Charity relinquishing ownership and control of the new National Maternity Hospital.

“It’s a victory for the women and people of Ireland,” said Parents for Choice spokesperson Helen Guinane. “Parents for Choice knew when we were part of organising a series of national protests that we were harnessing the strong resistance countrywide against the Sisters of Charity having any involvement in a state-funded maternity hospital. We are delighted that our efforts to hold the government to account on this have paid off.”

“While the details of this deal have yet to be clarified, it is absolutely imperative that the new National Maternity hospital is fully independent, in line with best medical practice and Irish law, and is fully accountable to the people of Ireland. Our investment as taxpayers in our future health and wellbeing cannot be protected from religious or private interests. We must be reassured as soon as possible by the state that whatever governance structure is put in place will ensure that those of us who use the hospital are protected, and that we will be delivered a high-quality public health service.”

Guinane continues: “We know that the Sisters of Charity have still not paid their debt to those who are survivors of their homes, and we call on them to do so. We also know that the church continues to have an undue influence on the healthcare and reproductive choices of pregnant women and families in Ireland, and we will continue to campaign until we all have safe, legal access to any reproductive health-care we may need.”

Parents for Choice seek to raise awareness of the negative impact of the Eighth Amendment on families and parents, and campaign for access to a full range of reproductive choices and bodily autonomy for people who are pregnant, whether they wish to continue the pregnancy or not. Parents for choice campaign for free, safe, and legal abortion, and full bodily autonomy for all people in Ireland. A repeal of the Eighth Amendment and a reform of the HSE National Consent Policy are central to this.


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