By Aisling

I’m pro choice because it never occurred to me not to be. I never thought that what anyone else does with their body is any of my business.

I’m pro choice because for too long in this country women have been treated as less than men. Because women apparently can’t be trusted to make their own choices. A constitutional amendment is required to keep Irish women firmly in their place.

I’m pro-choice because it seems almost absurd to me that autonomy and choice in childbirth is something that we need to fight for.

I’m pro choice because pregnant women in Ireland are valued less than a bunch of cells inside them. Because their choices are limited by our constitution. Because the 8th amendment is a stick for the medical establishment to beat them with.

I’m pro choice because pregnancy and parenthood shouldn’t be a punishment. I was pro-choice before becoming a mother. I’m more pro-choice as a parent because it’s hard. Pregnancy is hard. Childbirth is really hard. Parenthood has challenged me in ways I couldn’t have imagined. Nobody should be forced to do any of these things against their will.

I’m pro-choice because how dare politicians and priests think they can dictate what women do with their own bodies.

I’m pro-choice because I’m sick of Irish hypocrisy, of Irish solutions to Irish problems. I’m pro-choice because it angers me to think of all the women and girls – many alone – travelling to a strange place. Or staying home and taking their chances with a bottle of gin and a coat hanger.

Ireland needs to repeal the 8th amendment.


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